Saturday, January 12, 2008

deprivation is a threat

Today is a saturday. and like any other day, they are all the same to me. or what im trying to say is, my life is lacking something. the 'drive' maybe. what's wrong with me?

i feel a constant loss. im afraid of losing time but i did the exact opposite. i wasted so much time on nothing. i figured that there's so many things i can do with the time i have but i just have to witness it pass on and being so out of it. and please dont mind the previous post. the enthusiasm usually dont last. at least for me. ;D

lagi2 pt lambat masuk. a second seems like an hour. tick tock tick tock
i feel old...hurry up now!
shit ;/

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

dedication is a choice

hey, bloggie..hahah im in the computer lab now, waiting for my mentor to get back to his room since it is now lunch hour. i need to get my last semester exam's slip and maybe spare some time to listen to whatever he has to say. and i feel anxious for no reason. ;p

im currently engaged in workloads. oh wait, that's only partly true. i am just starting to get my things together now, and im also trying to be a little more dedicated to my final year project. This ptptn loan is not in yet. i browsed their website and 'dijangka akan masuk ke akaun pelajar pada 15 jan 2007'.. arghh >;(

im tired of being broke. blame my poor discipline to manage my financial needs the way they are supposed to be managed. and i found that my writing now has become so freakin boring. mana taknye, i have to use different form of english when im writing. one is formal for my thesis writing (no bunga-bunga words and i found myself trying hard to get to the point and make them brief and concise) and the other is ..well, english for this kind of writing. 

i was thinking about doing really well this time. i vowed the same thing every new semester. but this is the final semester. i need to make money. that requires a great job (cos i dont like the idea of lottery..hehe ;P) to get there, i gotta use my brain. my own money.................can't hardly wait!

looking forward to eat more fish for the omega3 cos it does good to my brain.

p/s: did i mention my english is broken? ('',)

Monday, January 7, 2008

we need to talk..

i guess most guys fear whenever their gfs say that. But the truth is, we have to keep talking to each other! i was keeping things to myself until i felt so bottled up and ended up breaking down in tears. Things i wanted him to know. cheh, if i only knew that it wasnt so hard i wud have saved the energy to...well, cook? hehe i found myself looking for recipes on the net now. i luv to eat. i adore food. and i mean real food. the ones my tastebuds love. till then, lapar dah ;p

Friday, January 4, 2008


Apakah ku amat bererti di mata engkau?
telah ku ukir wajahmu lama dalam hati aku..

Ok, i admit it. im a sucker for lagu what? i cant quite recall since the way, this is obviously my new blog. So, welcome! i dont know what im going to do with it. apepun, ia semestinya hanyalah tentang aku ;) i just had some spare time plus the friendster blog is lame..takleh nak customize or anything..they make it too public pulak tu..who cares about how many blog i own, i will just be writing for the rest of my life~

Now is the beginning of 2008..Happy New Year!

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