Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's finally over

hey, as im writing this, im already at home! yeahh! A lot of things happened from the last post till now. and the most recent is, i lost my handphone. im not sure for how many times, and on the way to the airport yesterday, i couldnt find my IC! that's just outrageous.

what do i do????? 

i checked and searched through the luggage and finally i found it in the pocket of my pants that was already nicely folded and's just too tiring. heheh. i have problem with keeping my things in one place, and to memorise it.

hmm..what else? so i passed my finals, with flying colours, i guess.
and now im goin to look for jobs. can i handle that?
i'm not sure. but i have to. just the way i pushed myself through other things.
i just have to keep opening the doors of opportunities and release myself from uncertainties!
and like most of the time, the beginning is always the hardest.

get rich or die tryin' ?

i like the former. and that's a mission ;p
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