Friday, March 14, 2008

i believe

that this is only temporary. im too busy. this time i cant really blame procrastination, because it's not. it's becos i was slow to know. about the experimental design of my final year project. kita merancang Tuhan yang menentukan. so, after i went back from 4 field trips only then i realised that i cant proceed with what i had in mind. lucky when i talk to my housemate, she somehow made the idea popped into my head. never mind what some lecturers say about my project. im goin to take it as an advantage cos i can guess now, what kind of question they're goin to ask. i hope. till then, 6 down another 24 to go. and that's only for station 1. there's two more stations. total is 90. 1 requires 1 1/2 hour of my time with the microscope. 

i believe, 
this will end. 
and when the time finally comes, 
i think i'm going to cry ;')
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