Wednesday, January 9, 2008

dedication is a choice

hey, bloggie..hahah im in the computer lab now, waiting for my mentor to get back to his room since it is now lunch hour. i need to get my last semester exam's slip and maybe spare some time to listen to whatever he has to say. and i feel anxious for no reason. ;p

im currently engaged in workloads. oh wait, that's only partly true. i am just starting to get my things together now, and im also trying to be a little more dedicated to my final year project. This ptptn loan is not in yet. i browsed their website and 'dijangka akan masuk ke akaun pelajar pada 15 jan 2007'.. arghh >;(

im tired of being broke. blame my poor discipline to manage my financial needs the way they are supposed to be managed. and i found that my writing now has become so freakin boring. mana taknye, i have to use different form of english when im writing. one is formal for my thesis writing (no bunga-bunga words and i found myself trying hard to get to the point and make them brief and concise) and the other is ..well, english for this kind of writing. 

i was thinking about doing really well this time. i vowed the same thing every new semester. but this is the final semester. i need to make money. that requires a great job (cos i dont like the idea of lottery..hehe ;P) to get there, i gotta use my brain. my own money.................can't hardly wait!

looking forward to eat more fish for the omega3 cos it does good to my brain.

p/s: did i mention my english is broken? ('',)
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