Saturday, January 12, 2008

deprivation is a threat

Today is a saturday. and like any other day, they are all the same to me. or what im trying to say is, my life is lacking something. the 'drive' maybe. what's wrong with me?

i feel a constant loss. im afraid of losing time but i did the exact opposite. i wasted so much time on nothing. i figured that there's so many things i can do with the time i have but i just have to witness it pass on and being so out of it. and please dont mind the previous post. the enthusiasm usually dont last. at least for me. ;D

lagi2 pt lambat masuk. a second seems like an hour. tick tock tick tock
i feel old...hurry up now!
shit ;/
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"i'm still the same old me, loving the same sweet you"
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