Saturday, January 14, 2012

a freaking long hiatus? a new beginning

herlow (^_^)

i guess i can call this a freaking long hiatus...last time i wrote was in 2008. why didnt i write something?kan? and why now? some things are better left unsaid..

so its a new beginning for this blogging thing i mean. it's been nearly 4 years...let's do a little summary shall we?

  • I finished my studies, on time. i graduated but absent during convocation, August 2008
  • I am married. February 2009. tee hee..
  • I have given birth to baby twins named Luna Tsara and Luna Tuma'ninah on October 2009 through an emergency c-sect at 25 weeks. Sadly, due to compilcations caused by prematurity, they passed away.
  • I have worked at gov departments. once as a trainee and another as a contract officer. nothing much.
  • I have lived at different places but still in the same district
  • and i..... cooked more often, yes!

just ur regular girl. perhaps a woman now..waaa (T_T)
i lived those 4 years with joy and sorrow. it's the stage of my life where i cried a lot.

but hey, everyone shud be happy, right? i went through troubles to find my own happiness and for all the people i hurt along the way, im really sorry.

i just dont know wut to do with myself. let time heals everything yeah.

Welcome 2012~
Good bye 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011~

this marks a new beginning for me ;)

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