Sunday, May 20, 2012


last night i had a very long conversation with papaluna, despite having to wake up very early in the morning, he kept me accompanied, in fact he's the one who had more to say. we seldom chit chat but when we do, it seems never ending. i can say, we had a quality time understanding each other..more.

before that happened, he brought me to our fav hangout, a simple warong to have our dinner. i simply love to get fresh air at night since i had been in the house almost all day. we met an older couple which are our friends, and the wife asked me about my baby. i was startled at first, thinking was she asking about this baby? oh, i haven't met them for a long time, i guessed she was asking about my previous babies. i was sitting down eating, i doubt that she saw my big belly..well it's not that big by the way. so i said, my babies passed away. and she was pitiful towards me. and then the husband asked about my job. i said that i don't have a job at the moment, and again they were pitiful towards me.

indeed, the questions are pretty annoying but i guess it's just a matter of starting a conversation, and they meant well. i might be doing the same thing subconsciously. i guess we all do.

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