Wednesday, November 14, 2012

it's your birthday mama!

hi all! i am a guest name is muna dalili ;) this post is dedicated to my mama ;)

dear mama,

i dont have anything to give to you on your special day today..(i wonder why is it special when you are actually're 26 today mama!) but i do have a few things to say to you...

first of all, i cannot thank you enough for bringing me into this world..Praise be to Allah s.w.t. for choosing you to be my mommy. i heard u said that u're afraid if you are not a perfect thought i didnt understand your mumbling..but mama, i can assure you that i feel what u feel and i wuuvv you just the way you are..thank you mama for your tender loving care..i knew too, that u'd give ur everything for my sake. trust me, it's enough to fill where is lacking.

because without a mother's love, life can be soo empty. thanks mama for keeping me knew i was everytime my face lit up when i saw u, rite?

p/s: thanks again mama for this lovely dress that you've sewn at night when i was sound asleep..i look pretty right? come here mama i'll give u a biiiig hug (っ◕‿◕)っ 

lotsa ,

your 2month old daughter

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